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    Archery Combat Games involve both your mind and body at the same time.  When you hold your hands in a consistent position before shooting the arrow and setting an aim, you get to develop various skills such as risk calculation, working in a team, cooperation, etc. 

    If you are wondering whether the game is safe to play or not, you should know that the equipment is completely secure and we assign facilitators that ensure safety throughout the game. 

    Archery Tag in Singapore is a team building game that can be played in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is a promising tool and activity to build affiliation among team members, family members, and friends groups. 

    Make use of arrows and bows

    In order to conduct the activity, the participants of the archery tag make use of arrows and bows to terminate enemy teams. The game is easy, all you need to do is to prepare to  target them and shoot them with a secured foam-tipped arrow.

    appropriate pose, stances, and attitude to win

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    Trained on how they can defend

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    Combat Archery Tag is perfect for every event. No matter if it is your child’s birthday, or you want to organize an event for your employees, or you want to plan a reunion with your family or old friends ― we provide you with what you need.

    Seamless Cooperation

    Endeavor to finish the game mission with your people and create seamless cooperation!
    You would now be able to cooperate as a group while simultaneously having some good times together!

    Empowering strategic reasoning, initiative abilities and team cooperation.

    Quality Correspondence

    Our bubble soccer game is an experience intended to increase quality correspondence among everyone from family members and team members to groups of friends and parents-children!
    When you talk among group members to design and settle on a methodology to win the game, you’re ultimately working on quality correspondence.

    Group Bonding

    Bond with your partners, team members, family members, friends, and any else you care about with just playing bubble bump and bubble soccer in Singapore.

    This game is like an open door to invest some energy and quality time in your companions, family, or employees, besides your usual and ordinary routine.

    Building unbreakable connections

    This game is like an open door to get familiar with your partners’ qualities and shortcomings. You can also help each other to conquer obstructions and get over with difficulties in our well-planned games. 

    All of it helps in building unbreakable connections between different team members as they work in close coordination to achieve a single target. 

    How to Book

    Archery Tag game and Combat archery offers a unique experience that helps you connect with everybody. If you are intrigued by the offers, you can request a personalized quote by Teams Lab and we will get in touch with you soon. If you want to know the procedure of booking a slot with Teams Lab, take a look at this simple guide that we have prepared just for your convenience. 

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    Archery Tag & Combat Archery Tag

    Bubble Soccer has more than one benefit. If you’re playing it with your team or your family, it provides you with a platform where everyone can get to know each other better. The main perk of Bubble Soccer with Teams Lab is that we focus on enhancing coordination, cooperation, and collaboration between the players. Moreover, the combat archery game comprises targeting your rival team and shooting the arrow ― this activity of aiming and shooting boosts many of your skills such as balancing, targeting, and calculation. The more you get involved in this game and the more you play with the people you care about ― your teamwork and collaboration scale also gets a boost.

    Bubble Soccer is a completely safe game that can be played at both indoor and outdoor locations.The game of archery organized by Teams Lab involves arrows that are completely safe to use. Since the equipment is secure, the chances of getting hurt during the game reduces to zero. So, the participants can stay rest assured while playing in a comfortable environment.

    Bubble Soccer can be easily played in an indoor environment, it means that there are zero area size restrictions for this activity. But, you should also know that the game involves running and physical movements, so the space should be at least thirty by fifty feet. In fact, the venue you choose for your team should be spacious enough to occupy at least the number of participants you want to bring for the game.

    Bubble Soccer is suitable for all occasions where you want to connect with people in a thriving environment. This energizing, activity pressed Archery Tag Singapore game offers a definitive family-accommodating experience that connects with anyone from the age of 10 years and over. Whether you want to create excitement in birthdays, corporate events, family gatherings, friends reunion, or anything in between.

    Yes, anyone can play a Combat archery tag by the Teams Lab. Children, teeangers, or grown ups,  the game can be played by everyone because it is completely safe, positive, and comfortable

    Your charges will differ from your needs. You can contact Teams Lab to request a free quotation for your archery tag event.